Chiang Mai

3 weeks in Chiang Mai

May 3, 2005

We woke up with no electricity this morning which also meant no shower. For some reason the shower in our room doesn't work without electricity. I guess it needs an electric pump or something. We checked out of our guest house this morning, not because they didn't have electricity, but because we had a little dispute about their prices and customer service. We spent 2 hours walking around town this morning with all of gear looking for another place to stay. We found a nicer place and negotiated a better price. We got the better price by paying for 21 nights, so I guess we're spending 3 more weeks here in Chiang Mai. We wanted to spend some time here anyway. I want to take a mediation class that last 1-2 weeks and Tina wants to take some Yoga classes. We signed up for a Thai cooking class tomorrow. It should be fun. We make four or five different dishes including a dessert. The dessert is fried bananas.The class runs from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm and they take pictures of you while shopping at the local market for ingredients and while you are cooking. We will make sure to post the pictures for all of you to see.

Speaking of all of you, we really enjoy reading the entries in the guest book area. After checking our emails, this is always the next thing we check. We've been hearing that friends of friends and co-workers of family and friends have been checking out our site. Just because we don't know you doesn't mean you can't sign our guest book. We would love to hear from you too. Don't be shy. You can even make up a name. We wouldn't know the difference anyway. Anyway, we hope everybody is enjoying the site and yes Carol, we would rather be here in the hot weather and not dealing with the snow and cold in Iowa.

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