Chiang Mai

The Black Crowes are back together

May 8, 2005

Yaroo has just informed the Black Crowes are back together again and touring the U.S. The rest of our trip is canceled and we are returning back to the states to follow the band. Ha, just kidding. We had tickets to see U2 in Rome, but since we decided to stay longer in SE Asia we won't be making that concert. If Tina doesn't get to see U2 on their tour, I guess I don't get to see the Crowes on their tour.

We've been doing a lot of relaxing here in Chiang Mai. It's been a nice break from running around everywhere. We will pick up the pace again when we leave here and start traveling through Laos. It's been raining here the last few days which makes the weather here bearable. It's raining cats and dogs right now. Speaking of dogs, they are everywhere in this town. We were sitting in a restaurant eating lunch today and a dog was walking like it owned the place. Dogs in the streets, dogs in the stores, dogs, dogs, dogs and more dogs. And of course none of them are fixed so soon there will be more dogs with nobody to take care of them. Tina thought of the idea that someone should open homeless dog shelters just like we have for homeless people. The dogs would be fixed once they arrive and could come and go as they pleased but eventually they'd want to be at the shelter more often and then dog trainers and vets would get them all cleaned up so they could be adopted. This idea is on Tina's "NOW list." See the books read section to see what a NOW list is.
We really miss our dogs being around so many other dogs. Recently Ron and Linda (our babysitters) sent us some pictures of our dogs and I made a page webpage of the pictures so Tina and I can see them whenever we want. The webpages is

Tina went to her first Yoga class a couple of days ago and she is still feeling it. I think I will join her in tomorrow's class. I won't be doing a meditation class like I planned. After some research I found out the meditation classes here are the real deal. You are trained by monks and not by some expat hippie who didn't want to join the real world again. You have to stay at the temples for at least 2 weeks. You get up at 4:00 am, you can't eat anything past noon, you can only sleep for 6 hours and you meditate all day. I would love to do that some time in my life but our trip is not designed for me to do that. We plan on taking some day trips this week. We are going to do a mountain biking trip in the mountains and plan on doing a hike at the national park. Tina would like to take another cooking class here. If continues to rain like it has the books read section of the site may increase dramatically.

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