Secluded Beach

August 19, 2005

Tina was reading the guest book to our pension and came across an entry where they drew a map of nice hike that supposedly led to a secluded beach. This is right up our alley. A good hike and finish it off with some swimming to cool off. After doing some more research we figured out we need to take a bus to the ghost town of Kayakoy about 45 minutes away from Fethiye. Bonus, we get to see a ghost town too. We take the short bus ride to Kayakoy and find out where the hike is to the "secluded beach". We didn't know the name of the beach, so we just asked for the hike to the beach hoping the attendant to the ghost town knew what we were talking about. He says, "Oh yeah, Cold Water Beach". Sure sounds good to us or wait does it. It could only be called cold water beach for one reason. We still wanted to do the hike and I'm always ready to jump in the water no matter what. Our hike began by taking us through the ghost town and up the peak of small mountain (or large hill). From the top we zig zagged down through the trees and after 1 hour of hiking we see this bay with a rocky beach. This must be Cold Water Beach, but it was far from being secluded. We really didn't expect it to be secluded. The beach itself only had 4 other people on it but the bay was home to all the boats taking tourist on day trips around the area. Every half hour a new boat would come in and another would leave. The water was so clear and only the water on top was cold. A fresh spring feeds into the sea here, so only the top of the water was cold. We hung out here for several hours before making the journey back to Kayakoy. On our way back we took time to walk around the ghost town.

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