August 22, 2005

Today we went to the ancient city of Ephesus. Our gracious hosts at ANZ Guesthouse gave us a free ride out to the city and back so that saved on transportation costs. We initially thought the site would be fairly low key but as we pulled up there were tons of tour buses parked in the lot. That is always a downer for us to see but we decided to continue on and take a walk through the city. As we toured the ruins we were amazed at the scope of the buildings and the Great Theater was one of the highlights for us. We imagined the rockin bands that probably performed back in the day and gave a quick head bang in their honor. The sun was out in full force that day so we didn't linger too long in the heat. After we finished we went to the local rug shop and did a little shopping there before getting ready to depart to Greece.

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