3 buses and 1 train

August 10, 2005

After 5 hours on 3 buses and 9 hours on a train we made it to Instanbul the morning of the 9th. We checked into our hotel for 8 euros a night or so we thought. We showered and were escorted to one of the many travel agencies here by one of the staff at the hotel. At the travel agency we had our first taste of apple tea while trying to get sold more then just a bus ticket. We listened patiently and drank our tea. After the gentlemen finished his speal, we politely declined and decided to walk around the town. We walked around the entire day and were pleasantly suprised with the character of Istanbul. So many shops, resteraunts, trams, subways, cobblestone streets. This city really has a great feel to it. We found a local resteraunt on one of the back streets where we had dinner.

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