Tourist day in Istanbul

August 11, 2005

We went to some of the tourist sights today which included the Blue Mosque and the Turkish and Islamic Arts Musuem. This was another full day of walking around. Today we also tried to get our bus ticket to our next stop Cappadocia. Several of the travel agency were quoting us a price of 41 liera, but in our research we thought this was way too much, so we decided to head to the bus stations ourselves. The trip to the bus station included two subways and a short walk. We figured this would be a good way to see more of the city and get a cheaper bus ticket. Well, we got to see more of the city but not a cheaper bus ticket. The tickets at the bus station we're selling for 38 liera and that include transportaion to the bus station. Doing the work on our own didn't pay off for us this time. Oh well. On the way back from the bus station we stopped in a local market to pick up some fresh veggies for a cheap dinner. After dinner in our room we decided to venture out again to take some pictures of the Blue Mosque at night. We are both very impressed by Istanbul and think the city is great! I'm not sure if we really had any thoughts about the city before we got into town but we were pleasantly surprised.

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