Turkish Travel Lesson 1: Rate quoted is per person

August 12, 2005

We woke up around 9 this morning to get ready for our 10 am checkout time. As we checked out the guy said 32 euros for the room. What, the room is suppose to be 8 euros a night for 2 nights. I explained to him we only stayed 2 nights, it should be only 16 euros. He wrote on a piece of paper.


He said 8 euros times two people times two nights equals 32 euros. I said, "What, we were told the room was only 8 euros a night for the entire room." After I said that, this guy flipped his lid. He threw down his pen as hard as he could on the counter, starting yelling in turkish and walked away from us. Tina and I just turned around and stared at him. We were calmly discussing the miscommuncation and he flipped out. An older man, who we believed owned the hotel came over and was getting ready to start yelling at us too. Next the son of the older man who showed us the room in the first place appears. I start explaining to him that he told us the room was 8 euros a night. He gets out a piece of paper and writes the same thing as above and says 8 euros per person. We calmy discuss the situation and figure out we are not going to win. We give him the 8 euros and leave. Our bus to Cappodica doesn't leave until 7 tonight and we were hoping to leave our bags at the hotel the entire day. That idea is shot, so we walked to the travel agency where we booked our bus ticket and they let us leave our bags there. We spent the rest of the day walking around town some more. We walked through the Grand Bazzar and also stopped off at the park for a while to calm our nerves with some good old fashioned swinging on some swings.

We hope these stories give everyone a laugh and for those planning a trip an idea of things you might encounter along the way. Traveling has its ups and downs just like anything else, but we really aren't complaining. Big picture....

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