Fairy chimneys and Star Wars connection

August 13, 2005

Today we arrived in Goreme after an overnight bus ride from Istanbul. They played the movie Troy during the trip but unfortunately it was in Turkish so we weren't able to follow too closely. I don't think the dialogue was the reason most women went to see the movie anyway. Anyway...once we arrived we took advantage of the tourist information office and picked a hostel from the group. We thought that Shoestring Pension seemed fitting so we went with them. After checking in we spoke with the owners and they gave us many helpful maps of the surrounding areas which are great for hiking. The town of Goreme is located within the Cappadocia region with is famous for its unique scenery which includes natural rock formations, cave houses and fairy chimneys. Legend says that Star Wars was also filmed in the area and believable as it was unfortunately we found out it wasn't true. We started our hike off through the Rose Valley which is aptly named because of the hue of the rocks which make up the valley. The rocks start out tan, move to a yellow tint and then finally into a rose color. It was quite spectacular and we had the entire valley to ourselves it seemed. We decided to venture off the beaten path a bit which was an adventure but we found a great cave that we could hike through which was a nice find we thought. After 4 hours we stopped in a nearby town for a much needed cold drink and then started our way back to Goreme. After about 30 minutes we realized we were going the long way around so we were planning on a really long walk back. Fortunately a nice guy stopped along the road and offered us a ride into town. He didn't speak the best English but we managed to get a free ride back into Goreme. He was very happy to hear that we liked our visit to Turkey so far and that the local people were so friendly and helpful. Aside from our one incident we are finding the Turks very nice and considerate.

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