Kas to Fethiye

Weird Old Man

August 17, 2005

Today we took a 6 hour bus trip from Kas to Fethiye. We found a cheap pension with an amazing view over the bay and free breakfast included. After checking into our pension we decided to take a walk and check out the town. As we were walking down the street an older guy says, "Hello". We return the greeting and he says, "Ahh, you speak English." We told him that we did and he says, "I love the English speaking people. Come in for some turkish delight and apple tea." We were reluctant at first, but decided what the heck. We walked into this small market and he offered us a chair, gave us some turkish delight and apple tea as we sat down. Right away, he offers to put some oil or something on our hands. He says, "Very good for the skin." Then he starts talking about how he used to give massages while living in Paris for 15 years and how many people he has massaged during those years. We just nod our heads and say that's nice while enjoying our free treats. Next thing I know this guy is asking me to take off my shirt so he can massage my back with this special oil. First thing I say is, "How much?" He just ignores me and again I ask, "How much?" He mumbles something like, "No worries." So what the heck, I allow him to do it feeling very awkward the entire time. The massage was nothing to write a travelogue about and I was quite happy when it was over. Next he starts giving Tina a massage (she kept her shirt on) and the owner of the shop asked me if I want to buy any apple tea or turkish delight. I told him no but I would like to buy some fruits and vegetables. I get up to pick out some fruits and veggies while Tina was getting her massage. I finish picking out the food at the same time Tina's massage is over. As we are getting ready to leave and pay for the food the man who gave us the massages say he wants 20 lira for each massage (Our room for the night is 35 lira). We tell him, "No way." We didn't want your crappy massage in the first place. Next he brings his price down to 20 lira for both of us. Again we tell him the same thing. He slowly worked his price down and eventually ended wanting 5 Lira for both of us. Again we told him the same thing and we just walked out of the place. We walked 20 feet away from the shop and I start laughing and turn to Tina and say,"Add that to the list of strange stories to tell when we get home."

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