Where's the beach?

August 18, 2005

Today was boring, but we got some exercise. An employee of our pension said we could walk to a beach just over the other side of town. We walked for 2 1/2 hours in the hot hot sun to a private beach where obviously they would not let us in. Bummed out, we turned around and about and hour back we decided to have apple and rest under a tree. I was almost finished with the book "The Dead Zone" by Stephen King and couldn't wait to get back to the book, so I read under the tree while Tina decided to go pick up trash for a while. This is the same book Tina was reading in Thailand the day I couldn't wait to go snorkeling. Now I know how she felt. The book is so good. The area was so beautiful, but littered with so much trash. All of trash seem to be near the huge trash cans too. Tina made a small dent in cleaning up the area while I read.

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