Sapa to Hanoi

Hard Seat on the Train to Hanoi

June 24, 2005

Today we woke up early to catch the 9:00 am train back to Hanoi. The day trains didn’t include a soft sleeper initially so we bought the hard seat for the 10 hour trip back to Hanoi. We bordered and were the only Westerners on the train. As soon as we boarded the train attendants kept trying to sell us on the soft sleepers. Every train attendant that would pass bye us would ask us if we wanted a soft sleeper. I guess this was their way to try to make some extra money. Being cheap backpackers we declined and had really sore butts by the time we got Hanoi.

In Hanoi we checked into an $8 room, got some dinner and watched more bad movies in our room. Tomorrow morning we will try to book a tour to Halong Bay.

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