Hoi An

Arriving in Hoi An

June 30, 2005

We arrived in Hoi An on the 30th after a 15 hour train ride. We accidental booked a hard sleeper but it truly wasn't that bad. The beds all come with comforters so we used that for extra padding and then just slept in our silk sheet set. The only annoyance were the locals who kept sitting outside our cabin smoking and talking loudly at all hours of the night and morning which made sleep hard to come by. Thank goodness for earplugs, an essential travel item we are finding. After getting into Danang we found another couple from Denmark to share a cab with us down to Hoi An. The ride took about 40 minutes and cost $2 a piece. The mini vans were a cheaper way to go than the actual taxis who wanted $4 a piece. Once we got into town we found a nice guest house(Thanh Binh II) and went out for lunch. As we were eating I told Craig that I wondered if we'd be able to meet up w/ Danny, Paul, Selena and Cory while in Hoi An and not more that 5 minutes later Danny and Paul walked right by our restaurant. We caught up with them and decided to rent some bikes and check out the beach a few kilometers out of town. We met at the beach and had a fun time throwing around the football and negotiating for pedicures(just me), Mentos and fresh pineapple.

The vendors sell everything on the beach and it's always Happy Hour we found out. Danny wins 1st place for being the hardest and best negotiator of the group hands down(1,000 dong for pineapple!). After the beach we went to Treats for a real Happy Hour and played some pool before heading back to our guesthouses to shower for dinner. We ended back at Treats because Happy Hour went until 9:00 as who can resist cheap beer and free pool?

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