Hoi An

Shopper's paradise

July 1, 2005

Today we were in heaven. As you may already know Hoi An is renowned for its tailors and they are everywhere. For pennies you can have an entire wardrobe made which is customized to fit your body. Craig and I were originally planning to get a couple of items made for the rest of our trip and a few nicer things made for home. Well that idea was quickly shot once we stepped into the tailor shop. The shops have the process down to a science. You walk in, look at numerous catalogs, mark you favorite items and start to pick out the material. The hard part is deciding when to quit. At the first shop we went to, No. 52 in the cloth market, we both ordered more than we thought we would and walked away stunned at how much we would be getting for the money. Our biggest concern was if the product would be worth the money and would be well made.

Later on we’d meet up with Selena, Cory, Paul and Danny at Treat’s to celebrate Canada Day with some more Larue(local beer) and free pool. While the guys played pool Serena and I talked and it was nice to have another girl to chat with.

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