Hoi An

Happy Fourth of July

July 4, 2005

Happy 4th everyone!!! Today we got our first and second round of clothes and headed off to meet Selena and Cory at their tailors. After trying a couple of tailors out each Selena and Cory found a great shop which had the best service and prices. As we watched Cory order shirt after shirt we decided that maybe we'd get a couple of extra items. This shop had some J.Crew and Boden catalogs ironically enough so I was able to have them copy my favorite designs and I was picking things out like a mad woman. After spending another 2 hours in a full out material frenzy we stepped away from the fabric and grabbed lunch along the river. Selena and I had some Vietnamese pizza which was really tasty-somewhat reminded me of a Tostino's party pizza but better. We took our 4 bags of clothes back to our rooms and grabbed a motorbike ride to Selena and Cory's guesthouse to relax by their pool. During the day the heat got to us so Craig and Selena bought a bottle of local rum for $2 and we made our own beach drinks of fresh pineapple juice and rum. Tasty!!! Later on Paul joined us and we all had a great time relaxing by the pool and getting some exercise. One of the highlights was the appearance of the local puppy which won my heart over and made me miss our doggies even more.

Dinner plans were made for dining along the river as it was Paul and Danny's last night before they headed to Nha Trang. We toasted to the 4th of July and I thought of all of you and hoped you were enjoying your long weekend! Usual night cap at Treat's was in order and we said our goodbyes to Danny and Paul with the hopes we'd see them again in Thailand or as we headed south towards Saigon.

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