November 16, 2005

Sleeping is impossible when staying in the dorms. Once the first person gets up, others slowly begin to rise and within a half hour the entire room is up. This is how our rainy cold day in Sarajevo began. A short slightly warm shower and we were still not ready to begin a day of touring. We spent almost the entire morning sitting on the dirty couch in the disgustingly dirty kitchen talking to the other travelers. In doing so we met up with Reese from Australia and Collin from Canada who were wanting to go to the Tunnel museum. So We all hired a taxi out to the museum. At the museum we watched a 20 minute film about the construction of the tunnel and real footage from the 92-95 war. After going through the short portion of the tunnel we spoke with the gentleman running the museum. He answered our many questions and his responses to us were given with great emotion.

To save money we made the 30 minute walk back to the tram which took us back to the Bascarsija area. The Bascarsija area is where our hostel is located and is a wonderful area of mosques, markets, bazaars, cafes and restaurants along the pedestrian street. Despite the highly visible scars of the war this is a beautiful place. It's too bad what war can do to some of this historically rich towns. After strolling the area we were hungry and ready to get out of the rain. Collin joined us for an early dinner at, out of all places, a steak house. Strangely enough this place had better vegetarians options than most restaurants in Boulder, CO. Tina had the stuffed peepers while I had the Happy Bosnian, which was far from being vegetarian. Our meal was so delicious.

With full bellies we went back to our room to find the Frenchman playing Gypsy jazz on his guitar accompanied by one of the Spaniards playing the kazoo. Shortly after arriving back to the hostels the two musicians decided to hit the streets of Sarajevo to do some busking. Not wanting to be at our dirty hostel a group of us joined them. They choose the main square to perform. Some people stopped to enjoy the music, but most kept walking by with a perplexed look on their faces. However, they made 10 km in a half hour of playing. We went to the bar afterwards and the money making musicians contributed their earnings to a round of drinks.

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