Sarajevo to Mostar

Our First Snow

November 18, 2005

Bright light.
"What's your email?"
"How do you spell Yahoo?"
"Y-A-H double O"
"Ah, I messed up. Can you repeat that?"

And this went on for several minutes by two of our drunk dorm mates entering our room at 2:45 am waking up the entire room. They passed out soon, but the farting, snoring and strange noised lasted the rest of the night. By 5:00 am neither one of us feel back to sleep and decided to get up. We had a quick breakfast, brushed our teeth and finished packing our bags in the hallway. On our way out the door a guy was just coming in from last night with a Tolberone candy bar in his hand. Without saying a word he tipped his Tolberone towards us and in a polite gesture to see if we wanted any. We declined and still without saying a word he stumbled away into his dorm room. On our way to the tram stop, 30 feet from the hostel, Tina noticed the light drizzle in the air was accompanied by a few snow flakes. The first snow of our trip. While waiting for the tram another backpacking couple appeared. As I assumed, they were taking the 6:20 train to Mostar as well. We began to chat a little as the rained turned into snow. A few trams passed by, but never the number one, the tram to the train station. As we continued to wait we discovered this Melbourne couple, Craig and Casey, were staying in another hostel run by the same company as ours. However, they were the only ones staying in the hostel and the paid less than us. Oh Well. The four of us were wondering if the number 1 tram would ever come when the lady running the hostel pulled up in a white van to give us a ride. All of us quickly jumped and were at the train station in 15 minutes. On the train we continued our conversation with the Aussie couple and enjoyed the scenic train ride to Mostar as the snow fall became greater and greater. Craig and Casey had reservations for an apartment in Mostar and when we arrived a gentleman was waiting to give them a ride. He asked if we needed a place to sleep, so we decided to join them. The 5 of us piled into a compact car the size of a Dodge Omni. My full pack was on my lap in the passenger seat while Craig, Casey and Tina had bags stacked on top of them in the back seat. After we checked into the apartment I took a shower. I was getting a little funky after refusing to use the shower at the dump in Sarajevo. Feeling fresh again we hit the town for our morning tour which didn't last very long since it was cold outside and we were tired from the lack of sleep the night before. We took a long nap back at our room, but woke up early in the evening to tour the town some more and take some night photos of the bridge.

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