Mostar to Dubrovnik

November 19, 2005

We woke up early today so we could visit a museum we missed the day before. Our bus left town for Dubrovnik, Croatia at 10am and the museum opened at 9, or so we thought. We arrived at the museum minutes after 9 to find it not open. We soon realized it was Saturday and noticed the museum opens at 10. We decided to get a morning walk in around the town. Our little walk turned into a full out run back to the room and a really fast walk to the bus station with our of our gear on. We lost track of time and walked a little further away from the town than we planned. However, our streak continues and we didn't miss the bus.

The bus ride from Mostar to Dubrovnik is an interesting one because you must leave and re enter Bosnia twice on the trip. The reason for this is because a small area of Bosnia borders the Adriatic Sea. They were given this land so they could have their own port, even though they have it and don't use it. Getting of the bus in Dubrovnik we were swarmed by people trying to get us to stay at their place. After 15 minutes of negotiating we picked the lady who looked the most trustworthy. Craig and Casey joined us and after checking in we all had some of the woman's homemade wine on our patio. Later in the evening we walked to the city walls and we were immediately impressed seeing them all lit up at night.

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