Pula to Rakovica

Cross your fingers

November 8, 2005

Blue skies have returned just in time for us to leave Pula and head to the Plitvice Lakes area. Since we are now in the low season we both weren't 100% sure we'd find transportation or accommodations around the park so we wanted to get an early start. The first part of our journey was a 4 hour bus ride from Pula to Karlovac. I sat on the right side of the bus which ended up offering a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea as we drove along the coast. Once we arrived in Karlovac we found the next bus heading to Split and grabbed a seat. Since we couldn't find a room online we thought we'd get dropped off in Rakovica which is one of the larger villages near Plitvice. It only took an an hour to Rakovica and to our delight there were privates rooms signs throughout the town and one right by the bus stop which pointed us in the direction of the house. As we walked the 150 meters to the room we crossed our fingers that the owners would be home, that the place would be nice and that we'd get it for a fair price given the small amount of tourists in the area. What we found was exactly what we hoped for and more, the owners spoke English. The only caveat was that her husband was working on the plumbing so we wouldn't have any heat or hot water until 9 pm. Not a problem we thought and we were off to grab some food before the one market in town closed at 6:00. That's something we still have a hard time adjusting to. The markets all close so early and unless you are in a big city you need to get your food in the middle of the day or you could have a rumbling belly all night.

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