Split to Vis

We split Split

November 12, 2005

The weather in Split is fantastic! We woke up with the sun streaming through our window which is always a great sign. We made arrangements with the owner of our room to leave our bags in her storage unit until our ferry left at 2:30. With packing and breakfast out of the way we walked back to the Marjan peninsula to take a few pictures of the harbor and enjoy the sunshine. There is a fish market in town so we stopped at that to see the commotion and action of the market in full swing. There were also some girls and guys handing out some free samples of hand lotion so we stocked up. Free samples are always appreciated during our trip. There was plenty of time before our ferry left so we grabbed a bench and soaked up the sun and watched the locals enjoying a Saturday afternoon. W were so content that the time slipped by and we had things to get before we left. Since we were heading to an island we decided to buy some food while in Split to save us some money and to be prepared if there weren't any markets open when we arrived. The fruit and veggie market saved the day and we stocked up. Once on the ferry we grabbed a seat and watched Split disappear as we sailed west. The ride was a quick 2 1/2 hours so we relaxed and caught up on research for our next destinations. Again we were "winging it" as far as a room was concerned so after we got off the ferry we were just going to walk around and find a room. It took us all of 1 minute to do so as a woman approached us and her apartment was 3 minutes away. The place was old but clean so we talked her down a bit and settled in. We decided to walk through town and it was very peaceful and quaint. We had heard that the island produces some tasty wine so we picked up a couple bottles and had a lively evening of chatting and playing cards with ourselves.

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