Rakovica to Split

Hello Sunshine

November 10, 2005

With Tina's watch set correctly, we woke up at 7 am. We had a quick breakfast of bananas and corn flakes in yogurt before catching our 8 am bus to Zadar. The sign on the front of the bused read 'Zagreb to Split' and I told the bus attendant, 'Split', when we got on the bus, but for some reason we stopped in Zadar. In Zadar, the same bus attendant told us we had to get on another bus to go to Split. He moved our bags to the next bus for us and our bus to Split left within minutes of us arriving to Zadar. Overall it took us 6 hours to get to Split from Rakovica. A direct trip route in a car would have been 3 hours or less. In Split we were welcomed with some beautiful weather, sunny and in the high 60's. I packed my sweater away in my bag and it felt great only needing a T-Shirt on. I couldn't wait to dig my shorts out of the bottom of my bag. As we began walking to find a place a lady approached and asked us if we needed a room. In was in our price range so we decided to check it out. We got her down to 175 Kuna ($27) a night and the place was right in the middle of the Diocletian palace grounds. Only 25 yards from the bell tower. We dropped off our bags and quickly go out the door to enjoy the sunny warm day. We took a long walk along the coast out to the Marjan Peninsula and through the Marjan park. Once we got back to the city center we went to the market to puck up some food. Outside the market were vendors selling fruits and vegetables. We love that Europe has fresh food markets everywhere. With our fresh veggies we went back to our kitchenless room to make a Greek salad. Remember how good those were Dena? Here is how you make a Greek salad Craig and Tina travel style.

Chop up, tomatoes, red onion green cucumber, red pepper, and feta cheese and put into a big bowl. Add green olives, a little olive oil and a little more balsamic vinaigrette than olive oil, add pepper and stir around. Put it all in a big Tupperware, put on the lid and shake well. One person eats out of the Tupperware container while the other eats off a plastic plate. Also, you have to eat it with plastic forks that are on the verge of breaking. Chopping up the vegetables on the lid of the Tupperware with a dull Swiss army knife would make you feel like you are on the road with us.

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