Plitvice Lakes

What time is it?

November 9, 2005

Today we were planning on visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The owner of our room gave us the local bus schedule so we decided to grab the 10:00 am bus so we'd have plenty of time to tour the park. I had set my alarm watch for 7:20 am but both of us wanted a bit more sleep so I reset it for 9:00; or so I thought. Once we woke up I looked at my watch in amazement as it said 10:00. I didn't think there was any way we would have slept that long, but with Craig's watch broken it was our only source of time. Usually this wouldn't be a big deal but the next bus didn't leave until 12:50 so we were bummed. We ate our breakfast and laughed at the situation and headed down to the bus station. When the bus didn't appear we wondered if my watch was correct. A lady standing nearby let us check hers out and sure enough I didn't set my alarm but rather just set the watch itself 2 hours ahead. So not only did we miss the 10:00 bus we had to wait another 2 hours for the next one to come. Fortunately the bus schedule wasn't exactly up to date so another bus rolled by around noon and we grabbed that one.

Once we arrived at Plitvice we decided on the route we'd take around the lakes and got moving. The clouds had cleared but it was still a really brisk day outside. The nice thing about traveling during the low season is the lack of crowds and cheaper admission fees, but you definitely have to layer up. We entered through entrance #1 which leads you directly to the biggest waterfall in the park, Veliki Slap. The 15 minute walk to the waterfall allows you to take in the beauty of the area and we passed by other smaller waterfalls while walking on wooden paths above the water. There are 16 inter-connected lakes within the park as well as numerous waterfalls which make the area spectacular! The woods surrounded the park are said to be home to deer, bears and wolves as well. During our visit we were only lucky to see lots of fish through the crystal clear water and a few birds. The park is really organized so we were able to see the entire place within a half day. They have shuttle buses and boats to get you around if time is short which is really convenient. The both of us were simply amazed by the place and decided that this area was one of the most beautiful that we've seen and it definitely gets two thumbs up! See cheesy photo below.

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