Dumb and Dumber 2

November 14, 2005

With a vino free night last night we were able to wake up fresh to start exploring the island today. The island is not very big so we thought we would explore it by renting some bicycles. However, that didn't happen as it seems the only place renting bikes is closed for the season. After a little searching we found a mini market that rented out scooters. As soon as we got the keys to our scooter we left for the other side of the island to visit the town of Komiza. Several minutes into our ride we both began to get very cold. I was wearing shorts, sandals and a sweater. We dressed for cycling and working up a sweat, not for going 50 km/hr on a scooter. We were well out out of town so we decided to suck it up. In Komiza we parked the scooter and walked around exploring the small town. This is a small fishing port town and being the off season we felt like the only tourist in town. Actually, we felt like this the entire time spent on Vis island.

We left Komiza and headed for the highest peak on the island for the panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. On the way to the top we stopped to enjoy the sun, as it just came out from the clouds, so we could warm up. We sat next to our scooter enjoying an apple and thinking about wild scooter adventure on the Greek island of Naxos with Dena.

We warmed up and headed out for the peak again. Some parts of the climb were too steep and Tina had to jump off the scooter. That really brought back the memories of riding our scooters in Naxos. At the top we had a lovely panoramic view of the entire island.

We were beginning to get too cold and began to freeze as we drove back to Vis town. Back in the town of Vis we headed directly to our room to put on several layers. I had the claw and my hands began to hurt has they defrosted. We just sat in our apartment with hats, gloves and multiple layers on trying to warm up. Once we did we hit the road again to find the abandoned fort. The top of the fort had an amazing view of the Adriatic sea, which it should since it was a fort. The fort was littered with graffiti and the wooden floors had been robbed of their wood. But hey, it was free.

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