Old Dubrovnik Walls

November 20, 2005

We heard the wind howling through our windows as we woke up but it was a sunny day nevertheless. Our first stop, and main focus of the day was the old city walls. Last night we walked down to the old town and the walls looked spectacular all lit up so we were excited to see them during the day. As we started our way around we were amazed at the views of the Adriatic and inside the old town. Although it was a Sunday the walkway was pretty quiet so we had plenty of time to stop and enjoy the views and soak up the sun. Since the walls circle the entire old town they also give a nice glimpse into the locals way of life. Throughout the neighborhood there were clothes hanging on the line and people relaxing to the sounds of music along the way. Personally I think it would be hard to have tourists walking right outside my windows on a daily basis, but the area is so charming that perhaps it is just part of their everyday life. As the day wore on the wind started to pick up so we grabbed some fresh bread and chili fix ins and called it a night.

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