Deep Tissue Massage

October 19, 2005

I was speaking with Francie, one of the owners of our hostel, last night after she returned from a deep tissue massage and found out it was really cheap to get a massage here. 300 Krown ($12) for a hour long massage. I've had a knot in my back that has been bothering for the last six months and I thought I would just deal with it when I got back to the States, but for $12 I might as well give it a try while we are in the Czech Republic.

We started the day walking around town some more and I wanted to make sure I could find the location for my massage. After our walk Tina went for a run and I went to get my massage. The massage was wonderfully painful, but I think she worked out the knot in my back. We have some serious walking around to do when we get to Prague and that will be the real test for my back. We leave for Prague tomorrow.

I'm actually writing this travelogue on the day it happened, so it's 4:30 right now and we are at the Internet cafe. We plan on eating in tonight and relaxing so I don't see anything exciting happening tonight. I'll update this travelogue later if something crazy happens tonight.

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