Cesky Krumlov to Ljubljana

1 bus, 2 beds, 3 trains and 3 countries

October 27, 2005

Today we woke up in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Repbublic and went to bed in Ljubljana, Slovenia. To get to Ljubljana, Slovenia we had to take a hour long bus ride to Cesky Budejovice. From Cesky Budejovice we took a train to Linz, Austria. In Linz we tried finding a cheap bus to Ljubljana or Salzburg but didn't have any luck so we jumped on another train to Salzburg. Salzburg is the home to the filming of the Sound of Music. We didn't have time to look around in Salzburg and I don't like musicals anyway. We barely had enough time to buy our tickets to Ljubljana. We had to run to catch the train. It left minutes after we got on. Knock on wood we have not missed a bus, train, boat or flight on this entire trip yet. On the train ride to Ljubljana we chatted with a student from Austria and he caught us up on the local politics of the country and he also recommended some places for us to go in Slovenia, Italy and Spain. The eastern side of Austria near the Alps really is beatufily. At least it was through the view of the train window. I wish we could have spent some time there. There are just too many places to visit. Our list of places to visit is actually growing and not shrinking as we do this trip. Our new Austrian friend got off the train at the Austria/Slovenia border and we continued for the next hour and half to Ljubljana. We arrived in Ljubljana 12 hours after leaving Cesky Krumlov. With that much sitting we ditched the idea of taking a bus to our hostel and choose to walk. Of course we didn't have a decent map. We guided our way to the hostel using the bus route map and stopping to ask directions a few times. It seems most people here speak English and very well. This helps when searching for a hostel at 11 pm. We checked into the hostel. Tina stayed in while I went down the street for a couple beers with a guy from Instanbul, Turkey. The beers were expensive compared to the Czech Republic so I made it an early night.

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