Sparta Hockey

October 23, 2005

After many walks to the town center we took the metro in today. The purchase of a metro ticket on the weekends gives you 90 minutes of unlimited travel. We just wanted to pick up some postcards and maybe a couple souvenirs and get back to the hostel for a bite to eat and walk to the hockey arena for the 3 pm game. We arrived at the hockey arena 10 minutes before 3 pm and noticed several people were waiting outside. We were wondering if we would be able to get tickets. There were no problems getting tickets and they only cost 80 Krown ($3). The arena was much smaller than an NHL arena, but the fans were great. The Czechs' really get into their hockey. The hockey style hear is slightly different from the NHL. They do more passing and less Czeck'n. Ha ha. I had to put that joke in there. Tina was getting really tired of my "Czech Me Out" jokes. Seriously though, the was hardly any checking by the players. It was lot of passing and it didn't seem like there were as many shots on goal either. It was still a great game and the local team Sparta won 2-1. I wasn't suppose to be taking pictures inside the arena but I didn't feel like obeying that rule. Most of the workers were too busy watching the game to notice me pulling out my zoom lens anyway.

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