Touring Prague Day 2

October 22, 2005

We spent most of the day today walking around the grounds of the Prague castle. This is truly an amazing area up close and from afar. Among the amazing sites is the Gothic Cathedral of St Vitus which has some interesting and unusual statues perched on the side of the building.

The castle is on top of hill and has some amazing views of the city. We took our time walking around the grounds trying to be creative with the camera.

The castle grounds also has some interesting statues and some interesting folks hanging around the area. Some are trying to make a few bucks.

We left the castle grounds to visit the St Nicholas Church but the admission was more than we wanted to pay. There is a great view of the church from the Prague castle. The photos above show the top of the church. We were going to visit the Stare Mesto (Old Town) again on our way back to the hostel, but to get there we would have had to cross over the famous Charles Bridge again and unfortunately this is the most popular area in Prague. Too many tourist on the bridge so we just walked back to the hostel where I cooked up some delicious enchiladas. Man do we miss Mexican food, especially American style Mexican food. We didn't realize how much we ate Mexican food until we stopped eating it on this trip. After dinner we headed to the National Theater where we took in our first ballet ever. It happen to be The Taming of the Shrew. I must say I enjoyed the ballet much more then the opera. They are very similar except for the singing which I told you before I don't really like. With no dialog and no singing, we didn't have to worry about the language barrier. The Taming of the Shrew was hilarious, visually stunning and the symphony orchestra brought it all together wonderfully. On top of that the National Theater was beautiful inside.

Just like the opera we still felt a little out of place wearing our backpacking clothes. As our friend JT from New Zealand put it, "Your backpacking clothes are just good to make it up to par, but not much more than that." I wore my over-sized khakis with my over-sized shirt and some dirty white sneakers. My clothes are so baggy on me from loosing so much weight. Tina was a little better than me. She wore a sweater with some black pants. She wore her white tennis shoes on the way to the ballet and changed into her heals at the show. She learned her lesson from our night out at the opera. After the ballet we went looking for a nice place to show off our snazzy duds and have a drink. We didn't have much luck. We had a couple expensive beers at a crappy bar and called it a night.

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