Cesky Krumlov


October 24, 2005

Today we said goodbye to Prague and headed south to Bohemian region. We took the bus to Tabor and then grabbed the next one to Cesky Krumlov. The bus ride proved to be relaxing and we drove past some gorgeous rolling hills splashed with color. The walk to our hostel, Krumlov House, only took 5 minutes. We were out the door right after Lucy from the hostel gave us a quick rundown of the town along with a very helpful map of key points to visit as well as the best restaurants and bars in town. We brought along our trusty camera and the both of us had no difficulties finding neat stuff to photograph.

The town is quite small and quaint but it obviously hosts a lot of tourists which is evident from the numerous craft and jewelry shops. The number of pensions is quite staggering as well considering the town has about 15,000 inhabitants. As we continued through town we crossed the Vltava River and made our way up to the castle. You can pay to climb the tower but just walking through the courtyards provided a great view of the town.

The only downfall of the castle area was the renovations they have made. We both felt the faux brick painting was a bit over the top and reminded us of a Vegas hotel in some ways. As we made our way back down from the castle area we walked about 2 blocks and found the Eggenberg Brewery. Oh and for some reason there are two bears caged up near the castle which was also disappointing. We popped in for a couple drafts which were so cheap and quite tasty. I had the 12 degree light and Craig had the 12 degree dark and yeast. I liked the dark quite a bit but Craig thought the yeast was the best.

On a side note, later during our trip we spoke to the owner of our hostel and he said that each worker at the brewery gets 1 case of beer every day to drink while they are at work. Another girl staying at our hostel also said she took the tour and each worker on the line was having a pleasant day at the office tipping back numerous beers and smoking. The owner also has a friend who worked at the brewery when we was in high school and his sole purpose was to clean up after the people on the line when they got sick from drinking too much. Good thing we heard this after we drank our beers.

Once we left the brewery we found the town quite deserted so we walked around a bit and since the markets were all closed we decided to have dinner at Laibon, the local veggie place. Whenver I'm in an actual veggie restaurant I always struggle to decide but eventually we ordered the couscous w/ nuts, raisins and other goodies and Craig had the veggie chili. Both were equally good and hit the spot on a chilly evening. Loyal readers will note that we are quite fond of food and whenever we treat ourselves to a meal out it becomes worthy of a mention in our travelogues.

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