Cesky Krumlov

Hiking to Klet

October 26, 2005

After a couple of relaxing days we decided to get a nice hike in today. Our hostel recommended a couple so we chose the 14km round trip hike to Klet which is the highest peak in the Blansky Forest. At first the hike isn't anything to rave about as you walk along the narrow road heading out of town, but the higher you climb the more remote the area becomes and the path is soon surrounded by the forest on both sides. The hike was at its most challenging the last 1 km as it becomes quite steep at this point and the trail is loose rock which is tricky to navigate with the amount of leaves covering the trail. We had decided to write our postcards at the top, but found that it was quite chilly at the top so we changed our shirts, had our apples and headed back down. After only 20 minutes we warmed back up and the sun began to shine again making for a pleasant walk back into town. These type of hikes are hard for us as we always envision having Marley and Corky alongside us having a ball in the woods.

We made our way back through town and headed back to the hostel where we sat and chatted a bit with Carolyn, the owner who was originally from Portland, Maine. It's always nice to meet someone you can really talk to and understand. She also gave us a local tip of where we could find the best fruit dumplings. After we finished our dinner we decided to give those a try and took a couple of pictures of the castle at night and then set our sights on the dumplings.

Carolyn had mentioned that they would be filled with whatever was in season and we were happy to find it was blueberries. Each serving came with two dumplings and they were simply amazing!!! The dumplings were lightly covered in sugar and cinnamon which complimented the berries perfectly. Secretly I wished we would've ordered another but our hike was pretty short to warrant an extra splurge.

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