Chicago to Ames

Home Sweet Home

February 19, 2006

After the long night out we woke up later than anticipated, but we still got on the road a little after noon for the 5 ½ hour drive to Ames. Somehow I was elected to drive while Tina and Dena slept most of the way. When we crossed over the Mississippi into Iowa it really started to sink in that our trip was over. We arrived in Ames in the early evening where Ron and Linda greeted us at the door. We had them put the dogs outside so we could give them a big surprise. In the past I used to play a little hide-and-go-seek game with our dogs. I would hide somewhere in our house and whistle for them to find me. I wanted to do this to them after being gone for a year. So after saying hi to Ron and Linda we both hid in the basement bathroom and had Ron and Linda bring the dogs in the house. We both started to whistle while the dogs began to search the house. In less than five minutes they found us and attacked us for 15 minutes jumping all over us. It was such a joy for us because we really missed our dogs while traveling. The rest of the night was spent playing with our dogs and catching up with Ron and Linda. It was exactly how we had imagined our return so many times in our heads.

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