Ames to Greensboro

Moving On

May 18, 2006

With the acceptance of my job and our trip to Mexico we didn’t have much time to visit the people we wanted to while in Iowa. We had hoped to make a trip out to Denver to see our friends that we miss there too, but the timing just didn’t work.

On May 18th we packed up the car and a trailer for our two day journey to Greensboro, NC. Ron surprised us with decorating our car with NASCAR paraphernalia and “Carolina or Bust, bye y’all” written our back window. When the dogs saw us packing the car they soon jumped in and wouldn’t get out. They were making sure we wouldn’t leave without them this time. The first day of our journey took us through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and we found a hotel for the night just across the border in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Ironically enough our room was next door to a local bar. Upon checking in Tina noticed that the song floating out of the bar windows was Hotel California by the Eagles. It seemed so fitting as this was by far the most popular song we heard during our entire trip. In cities and towns all around the world the song seems to unite the world. The next day we made the half day trip through West Virginia, Virginia and into North Carolina. We arrived in Greensboro 3:30 Friday afternoon. We headed directly to our hotel and unloaded our things. The room got smaller and smaller as we unloaded the car, but we were happy just to relax. Afterwards I found a place to drop of the U-Haul trailer after getting lost several times. We cranked up the air conditioning and called it an early night. As we talked about the next chapter of our lives the long trip took its toll and sleep came easily.

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