Tina's first impressions of Kowloon

September 16, 2007

Since Craig was officially in Hong Kong for work I knew I'd be on my own for the first five days or so. When we arrived on Sunday we thought it would be best to clean up and get our internal clocks situated. So after a quick rest we showered and headed out to get an idea of the area. The place was hoppin' for a Sunday night. The locals were out strolling up and down Nathan Road and the adjacent markets. We were immediately whisked back to our time in Southeast Asia by that familiar mix of smog, funky sewer smell, traffic and a teaming mass of people assaulting your senses. My only concern were my lungs as the air quality was obviously not at a healthy level and it really seems to do a number on my system. We were also a bit shocked at how little was in English around our hood near the Prince Edward and Mong Kok metro stations. It's not that you can't get around easily-the tourist signage is amazing- rather the menus tended to lean heavily on pictures and Chinese characters which don't do much for a veg head. Fortunately I seem to have a knack for finding supermarkets (desperation always helps to motivate) so we popped into a Park n Go for some simple ramen noodles and sandwich fixins which we knew would come in handy in a pinch. Once we returned to the hotel I opened a local Tsingtao and promptly feel asleep shortly after the last watery bit was finished.

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