Breaking in the traveling legs again

September 17, 2007

Craig was anxious to get ready for work early so we both got up and chatted a bit about the plans for the day. My plan was to wander around the area, check out a few markets and get some exercise. My first stop was the Bird Garden which also served as my first experience with watch hawkers. A man standing with his bird stopped me as I walked into the garden and rapidly pointed at his watch. At first I thought he wanted to know what time it was, but he kept pointing at the 12 so I said 12 in English but he shook his head and continued to point at his watch while I pointed at my watch. Finally our game of you point, I point was settled with a quick shake of my head no. He smiled and walked away. Although I found the Bird Garden personally upsetting, as I never will understand the idea of caging a bird, it does provide a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the area. Cage after cage were filled with birds chirping "let me outta here you idiots." Nearby, I found the Flower Market much more pleasing to my spirit. Orchids, lilies, roses and bamboo are the staples of the shops but there were also some more exotic flowers available which kept me interested for close to an hour. The remainder of my day consisted of getting lost among the side streets and briefly venturing down Nathan Road, which is busy to say the least. My pedometer read 33,000 steps so I figured it was time to rest the legs and feet and I made my way back to our room for the night.


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