All I need is some food, a beer and this lamp

September 18, 2007

The agenda for today consisted of walking to the harbour and lunch at a recommended vegetarian restaurant. Instead of taking the easy, but frustrating, route of Nathan Road I decided to weave throughout the side streets which provided a better idea of everyday life in Kowloon. I quickly fell in love with Shanghai Street with its eclectic mix of stores offering utilitarian kitchen supplies, Chinese lanterns and religious shrines. Once I hit the crazed Austin Road intersection I popped into the Kowloon Park for a real sense of peace. The park provided a rest from the crowds,traffic and heat which can be intense. The well-marked park provided a nice mix of attractions which I would imagine would keep children happy, especially the walking maze. McDonald's has conveniently placed an ice cream hut at the end of the maze which definitely took a few points away from the park in my opinion. Since it was getting close to lunch and I didn't want to arrive at the restaurant too sweaty I decided to find the restaurant. I had read about this restaurant in my Veg News magazine so I had high hopes. While the street was easy to find the restaurant was nowhere in sight. A lot of stores and restaurants are located high above street level so I stopped numerous times and stared up into the abyss of store fronts above my head. After 40 minutes and confusing two shop owners I gave up and headed towards the harbour. Instead of the tasty meal I had envisioned I made due with an energy bar while sitting along the harbour walk. At least the view was spectacular and I could remove my shoes while enjoying lunch. After watching the barges, ferries and small fishing boats for quite some time I walked along the Avenue of Stars where a statue of Bruce Lee takes center stage. Now this is where things get hairy. I could have easily taken the metro back to our hotel or even a cab but I decided to walk back and along the way I'd stop for a few things at the grocery store-namely a Chang beer. Well, that was the plan at least. The store we'd stopped in a few days later was more or less on my path home but I got easily distracted and veered a bit off my chosen route. So once I had circled our hotel and still had a mile or so to reach the store I knew things were going downhill quickly. Add some construction and a long detour to the mix of new shoes and sweaty feet and it got ugly really quickly. But I did find the store, I did find a Chang and while I was at it I grabbed an extra for the effort. What a pity to find out later that there was a grocery store on the fifth floor of the mall adjacent our hotel.


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