Crossing the harbour

September 20, 2007

I decided to give my plan of finding a good veggie restaurant another shot today. Our Fodor's guidebook mentioned the restaurant I wanted to eat at a few days earlier and they listed a completely different address so I thought I'd give that one a whirl this time around. Since I was familiar with the area I found the restaurant quite easily and it was about six blocks away from the other address my magazine listed. However, neither mentioned the vibe or furnishings of the restaurant. When I think of a typical vegetarian restaurant I think of small, cramped spaces with cafeteria-style service. Rarely do you find a nice, upscale restaurant completely dedicated to vegetarians. Well to my surprise that was exactly what I found when I walked out of the elevators into the entrance of Kung Tak Lam. The decor was casual and refined but there were no dreadlocks or band posters anywhere in sight. It was so refreshing to feel like an adult who was going to eat in an adult space. Since I arrived at the tail end of lunch I was able to snag a great table with harbour views. The menu was extensive and overwhelming but since I was alone I decided to keep it simple and ordered the steamed veggie dumplings and fried veggie rolls-hey I was walking an average of 10 miles a day so I figured it wouldn't kill me. The dumplings were really fantastic but the rolls were pretty average. I'd actually suggest staying away from anything fried unless you are a pro with the chopsticks as they were plastic and plastic against greasy hard rolls doesn't mix. I finally had to poke the chopstick through the veggie roll to eat it, which was probably hilarious to watch. After filling up I decided I was tired of Kowloon so I got on the next Star Ferry over to Hong Kong Island. I met a few Aussies who were just finishing up their tour of China so we exchanged a few travel stories while crossing the harbour which was really quick, easy and very economical-close to 30 cents.

Hong Kong Island was just as easy to navigate as Kowloon. I didn't really have an itinerary but somehow I stumbled upon the world famous Mid Level Escalators entrance so I decided to hop on for my first ride. It was a nice way to get a feeling for the area without bothering with traffic and dodging people. After passing by the Soho area I got off and consulted my map and realized I was a few blocks away from the hotel we were staying at during our second week. I decided to go check out our room in advance and then headed back to Kowloon to meet up with Craig.


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