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September 21, 2007

As many of you have probably figured out by now we love to travel and share our experiences with the ones we love. For part of this trip we were lucky enough to recruit some family along with us for the journey. Since I was so excited for their arrival I pretty much putzed around the markets of Kowloon for most of the day in hopes that I'd be fresh faced for their arrival. Since I just can't be bothered with taxis my idea of being squeeky clean was quickly scratched as I walked to their hotel. Evidently I was a bit too excited because I hit the hotel early and proceeded to "geek" at people for over an hour. Finally it hit me that perhaps their flight was delayed so I hit an internet cafe to check. Sadly the flight was so I made use of my extra free time to hit a local basement grocery store for refreshments for their arrival. Nothing hits the spot like a cold Chang Beer and Pepsi when you hit the streets of a crowded, hot and foreign city. Once I arrived back at the hotel I stood in shock as my mother and stepfather sat waiting patiently for their MIA daughter. It was so great to see them and I was like a kid returning from my first day of school trying to tell them about my earlier adventures during the week that I think I exhausted them more than they already were. Troopers that they are they agreed to follow me to experience the Harbour Light Show and then off for a quick bite. The Light Show was neat and I say that with all the positivity I can muster. Maybe our vantage point wasn't the best but some pizzazz was definitely lacking and we just didn't get the rush of butterflies that I thought I would once it began. Maybe I was just preoccupied with getting caught up with my folks' lives after not seeing them for so long. We ended the night with a quick bite to eat and proceeded to make plans for the next morning and I was off via the metro like a good little girl. See mom-I do listen to you at times!

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