February 11, 2006

Madrid to Dublin - Off to find our pot of gold

With a long day of traveling we landed in Dublin at 10:00 pm. At the airport Tina was given a warning by passport control about needing more pages in her passport soon. This is pro... continue reading

February 12, 2006

Dublin - Sláinte - Sruab

Today was your typical overcast day in Ireland and we hit the streets to check out the city, with the camera close by, of course. The journey took us through the grounds of Trinity... continue reading

February 13, 2006

Dublin to Kilkenny - Time to Splurge

Today we took a 2 ½ hour bus ride to the town of Kilkenny. On our bus ride we met nice couple from Indiana. They were both 80 years old and their kids bought them a trip to Irelan... continue reading

February 14, 2006

Kilkenny - Valentine’s in Kilkenny

Today we visited the Kilkenny Castle and to our surprise almost everyone there from the States. This was quite unusual for us since we hadn’t been around too many Americans for t... continue reading

February 15, 2006

Kilkenny to Dublin - Back to Dublin

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast by Josephine and talked to a couple from England. They were intrigued by our trip and we talked most of the morning with them. We had to l... continue reading

February 16, 2006

Dublin to Chicago - One Step Closer to Home

We woke up to our last hostel bed today and had our last hostel breakfast, which I might add is quite wonderful in Ireland. The traditional Irish breakfast can keep you full for an... continue reading