Madrid to Dublin

Off to find our pot of gold

February 11, 2006

With a long day of traveling we landed in Dublin at 10:00 pm. At the airport Tina was given a warning by passport control about needing more pages in her passport soon. This is probably because the stamp for Ireland takes up a full page in your passport. Other than that we didn’t have any problems at the airport. We were soon on a double-decker bus headed towards downtown. We departed the bus on O’Connell Street and immediately pulled out our guide book and an umbrella. Of course it’s raining. Tis Ireland! We had our book out for only 30 seconds before a gentleman on the street asked us if we needed any help. Well, after traveling for so long we both had our guard up and were reluctant to say yes, but we did. The gentleman told us we were only a few blocks from our hostel and pointed us in the right direction. That was it. He just wanted to help us out and wanted nothing in return. What a concept. This was the beginning to what we were to experience our entire time in Ireland. The Irish give the Kiwis a run for their money for being the nicest people we met on our entire trip.

Spending just enough time to leave our things at the hostel and have a quick chat with a few other Americans staying at the hostel we hit the rainy streets to find a pub and have a couple pints. Feck it we’re in Ireland. Walking to a pub we passed a very intoxicated woman who pointed to me and screamed towards Tina, “He knows where the drugs are.” We just laughed and continued on. We found a nice little pub not too far away and lapped our first pints of Irish brew. Tina and I commented to each other how nice it was to be able to speak English in complete sentences again. It’s been a long time since we’ve been in an English speaking country. We only had a couple pints as this particular pub was closing earlier than most, so we decided to call it night and get some rest.

Photos of the new airport in Madrdid

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