Sláinte - Sruab

February 12, 2006

Today was your typical overcast day in Ireland and we hit the streets to check out the city, with the camera close by, of course. The journey took us through the grounds of Trinity College where I’ve never seen grass so green. We walked around taking pictures of all the colorful Dublin doors and fronts to all the pubs we could find. In the middle of the day we arrived at the Irish Museum of Modern Art where we come to enjoy the works of local artist Jack B. Yeats. Next on our agenda was the Jameson Whiskey tour. This was a little pricey, but very informative. We learned the difference in whiskeys including what can be called an Irish whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon. At the end of the tour they gave a nice sized class of 12 year old Jameson Irish Whiskey. This made us feel warm and fuzzy inside before hitting the cold rainy streets again. Our walk on the streets didn’t last long before we decided to find a pub to continue our journey. We probably spent too much time at this pub because we ended up on a late night search for some fast food. We found a local joint who served us some greasy gyros and fries. With full bellies we went to our hostel were we enjoyed some local tele and called it a night.

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