Dublin to Kilkenny

Time to Splurge

February 13, 2006

Today we took a 2 ½ hour bus ride to the town of Kilkenny. On our bus ride we met nice couple from Indiana. They were both 80 years old and their kids bought them a trip to Ireland for their 50th wedding anniversary. They were plowing through the country having a great ole’ time. For the last few days of our trip we decided it was time to splurge, so we booked a bed and breakfast in Kilkenny. From the bus stop in Kilkenny we had a 1.5 mile walk to our bed and breakfast where were greeted by Josephine O’Riley. Josephine showed us to our huge lovely room and talked to us for about an hour. We could have talked to her all day. Her youngest daughter just recently returned from doing an around the world trip so we had a lot of experiences and feelings to share. In our room we enjoyed a nice private hot shower and soft, fluffy towels. This was luxury for us. So many places in Europe don’t use a dryer, which is great for the environment, but line drying leaves your towels hard and crusty. After a little nap in our big comfy bed with crisp clean sheets we were ready to explore the town. Kilkenny is a lovely little town, but it doesn’t take much to explore the town. We had the whole town covered in a few hours. However, I was on a mission to have a plate of Sheppard’s pie in Ireland and tonight was going to be the night. Our search to find a place with Sheppard’s pie and a good vegetarian option for Tina seemed impossible to find and we walked the streets for hour looking for one. Finally, Tina agreed to have a cheese platter at one of the pubs offering Sheppard’s pie. My pie was great and Tina’s meal was hilarious. She was served a plate of two HUGE chucks of cheese, apple slices, bread and butter and a salad. Her arteries were clogging up just looking at all the cheese. The pub was really relaxed and homey and we enjoyed a few more pints by the crackling fire before we retired to our B&B for relaxing night watching the Olympics.

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