Valentine’s in Kilkenny

February 14, 2006

Today we visited the Kilkenny Castle and to our surprise almost everyone there from the States. This was quite unusual for us since we hadn’t been around too many Americans for the last 12 months. After the tour of the castle we walked around the outskirts of town and ended up at the Smithwicks brewery. We had hoped to get a tour or have a few of their pints but unfortunately they don’t offer a tour. Since we were out of luck we walked back through the Kilkenny Castle grounds to our B&B to freshen up before our Valentine’s dinner. We had dinner tonight at Marble City pub which had excellent food but the cramped seating didn’t offer the romantic flair we were hoping for. After stuffing our bellies we headed out to catch a band playing in a pub nearby. At the bar, named Paris, Texas, we bellied up to the bar and waited for the band to appear. They duo came an hour later and performed traditional Irish songs. These were great tunes and Tina and I were having a ball. By the end of the night the local patrons were feeling good and started to dance and sing along with the band. The traditional Irish dancing was great and by the end of the night we were trying to sing the songs along with them. The vibe at the bar was extremely jovial and we were pegged at Americans by a local who could tell that we couldn’t understand the Irish English. It was such a great way to end our Valentine’s Day celebration.

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