The farm

Thankgiving Italian Style

November 24, 2005

Today we were due at the olive farm. We took a train to Grosseto and checked out the city before getting picked up by the owners friend Barbara. As we made our way through the Tuscan countryside my stomach had butterflies because I was so excited about the area and our upcoming experience on the farm. Once we arrived we got the low down of the type of work we'd be doing. As the other helpers finished up for the day were were able to meet them and chat for a bit before dinner. The majority were from the US (us and Solange from Calif), Canada (Amy) and Germany (big and little Uli). As dinner got underway Craig and I were in heaven. We had gnocchi and fried sage with a gorgonzola and butter sauce, bruschetta, stuffed peppers & rice and plenty of wine. Immediately we knew our clothes would be fitting a bit tighter throughout our time on the farm. Later on we played a version of a white elephant gift exchange where everyone contributed something they didn't need or want and we all rolled the dice until we had a new gift. Craig donated the belt with studs he bought at a Kmart in New Zealand and I threw in some face wash/toner stuff I bought in Vienna I didn't like. Quite a change from our usual Thanksgiving celebration but in a really good way.

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