Florence to Venice

The streak has been broken

December 17, 2005

We arrived at the train station minutes after 9:00 to catch the 9:30 train to Venice. We decided to buy our tickets using a kiosk instead of the teller with the tickets in our hand we looked to find which platform our train would be taking off from, but we couldn't find our train displayed. We checked the kiosk again and noticed we needed to catch a 9:15 train for a 7 minute ride to the next station to catch the 9:35 train to Venice. We noticed this at 9:17 so we looked for the next train for the 7 minute ride away. We found the train we needed and upon arrival noticed our train was still there. We jumped off the train, ran down the stairs and back up to the correct platform to find the train gone. It took a while for it to sink in that we really missed our train. Fortunately our tickets were good for the 1:00 pm train so we laughed it off as our first missed transportation.
We arrived in Venice and took a water bus to our hotel. Our trip to our hotel was quick and our water bus tickets were valid for 90 minutes so after checking in we rode the bus through the grand canal getting off for a quick walk. Back at our hotel we found a supermarket close by and bought some veggies and enjoyed another great salad as our dinner.

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