Vatican City

December 22, 2005

After seeing many of the sties on the east side of the Tiber river yesterday we decided to crossed over to the west side today to see the Vatican City. Our walk cross town took us around an hour arriving in front of the Castel Sant´ Angelo at noon. We decided to have a small snack there and watched the kids at the local ice skating rink. During our break Tina began to read some more about the Vatican city in or guide book. While reading she discovered the Vatican museum hours for the winter stop admitting people at 12:20. Tina looked at her watch and it was 12:15 and we still had a 15 minute walk ahead of us. We didn´t even think about trying to make it. Instead we visited St Peter´s Bascillica and square. Wow, we have been to many churches the last 5 months in Europe and I must say St Peter´s Bascillica left me awestruck. By far the most amazing church we have been in. We spent 45 minutes exploring the church and taking tons of photos. Even though it was cold outside we had to treat ourselves to gelato on our walk back to the hostel. Tina had chocolate chip, certo (Italian for of course), and I had a mix of apple and banana.

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