Ronda to Tangier

Long Travel Day

January 6, 2006

We took the first train from Ronda to Algeciras today which left at 9:30am. As we walked to the station the city seem deserted We thought everyone might have a sugar hangover from last night, but in reality it was a holiday so people were home for the day. After a quick 2 hour train ride we arrived into Algeciras just in time for a downpour to hit. The port is only about 6 blocks from the train station so we put on our rain gear and got walking. Along the way we met Daniel who was from Spain. He was heading to Morocco for a wedding so we chatted with him while waiting for our ferry and during the ferry ride. Once we set foot in Morocco having Daniel around was terrific. Turned out that he knew Arabic along with French, Spanish and English. We wished he could travel with us during our time in Morocco but we had to part ways in Tangier. As Daniel made his way to the bus station we walked up to the Medina to find a room. Sticking out in a crowd drew some friendly hassles but nothing real aggressive. We checked out a couple of hotels and found a reasonable one for $9 a night. The only downfall was the squat toilet in the bathroom, but for $9 you deal with it. Since we hadn't eaten all day and it was 8pm we quickly headed out for a bite to eat. As we started walking through the Medina we ran into another couple who were on our train and decided to eat together. Dinner was couscous with tender vegetables for me and couscous with chicken for the others. Robin and Natalie, our dining companions, were seasoned travelers and Robin had just traveled through Yemen so he provided some great stories. We continued our conversation at a cafe and watched a hail storm descend onto the city before calling it a night.

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