Meeting new friends

January 7, 2006

Started another long travel day with a 9am train to Casablanca. The train was packed so we had to stand near the bathroom and doorway for three out of the 5 hour ride. At least we were by the window so we could enjoy the views. To our right was the sea and on our left was farmland. The waves rolling in were huge and the farmers were out tilling their land and herding their sheep. The landscape would change plot to plot from lush green fields to barren plots which really was quite interesting to watch pass by. When we arrived in Casablanca we were greeted by warm, sunny weather and many 'bonjours' and 'welcome to Casablanca' by the locals. Once we found a room we walked to the Medina to get some dinner and look around. I wasn't finding any vegetarian options so I told Craig to just grab a sandwich and I'd be okay for the night. There were about 10 food stalls in a row to choose from so we picked the one with the most customers. As Craig went up to order he asked if the man could speak English or Spanish and he said only French. Another customer heard this and offered to help as he spoke English. We ended up talking with him and he invited us out for tea with a friend he was meeting. Since we had no other plans we accepted and ended up spending the night with Mohamed and his friend Brahim discussing Casablanca and Morocco. While walking us to our hotel they asked if we'd like to spend the next day with them touring the city and we quickly accepted. We agreed to meet them at 10:30 outside our hotel and said goodnight. We are continually amazed by the people we meet, especially at a random sandwich shop.

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