Hassan II Mosque

January 9, 2006

Today we visited the the third largest mosque in the world. The Hassan II Mosque which was built in 1984. We could only go inside with a tour, but we felt viewing the outside was enough for us. We were able to take a little peak inside by walking up to the entrance. We respected this as a place worship by just staying outside and looking in. The building is very impressive in size and in beauty, especially up close. The mosque sits right on the Atlantic coast and apparently next to a good surf break as there were surfers all around.

While in Morocco we are trying to take advantage of the cheaper Internet here so we took some time late in the afternoon to catch up on emails and travelogues. I had to break from the Internet action to find a phone to call our new friends to let them know we would be meeting them later in the evening at the cafe. On the way back from making my call some old bum, who spoke perfect English, started talking to me and after walking and talking for a while he wanted money. I told him no. He then asked for a smoke and I told him I don't have any. At the entrance to the Internet cafe he kept asking me for money and calling me a liar. I told him I was going in to the cafe. As I walked in to the cafe I heard him spit. I didn't know if it was in my direction or not and I didn't' feel anything. Once inside I asked Tina if I had spit on my back and she confirmed. The ups and downs of traveling.

Later in the evening we met our friends, but before I had to grab a sandwich. I choose a small shop at the main road. Not able to read the French or Arabic menu I just pointed to a couple French words and said, "This one." Not expecting to hear English he responded with, "for here or takeaway." Surprised I said, "Oh you speak English, what did I just order?" He simply replied, "meat." I think I ended up with a chicken sandwich but I'm not positive. The rest of night we enjoyed our conversation with Mohamed and Brahim at the coffee shop.

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