Agadir to Marrakech

Off to Marrakech

January 16, 2006

Another long travel day. Our bus left on time but due to consistent rain we got into Marrakech about 1 1/2 hours later than we planned. We walked towards the medina and splurged on a room with a space heater. We're finding that most rooms don't have heat in Morocco and Spain and it's just too much when the day is cold and the nights are even colder. If we can see our breath while laying in bed it is our limit. After getting lost in the medina we hit one of the food vendors in the main square and feasted on olives, bread, eggplant and other goodies for $5. Our friends from Tangier walked up while we were eating so we caught up with them a bit. They were a bit worn out from the rain and cold so we wet their appetite by telling them about Agadir's weather which was where they were planning on heading the next day. We miss the sun already.

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