Lively Marrakech

January 17, 2006

The rain stopped today but it was still really brisk outside as we headed to the patio for the breakfast our hotel provided. The dining room was decked out with wall to wall cushioned benches and Berber rugs which made for a great environment. After finishing off our pancakes-our first in almost a year- we were off to explore more of the Medina. Marrakech is a big tourist spot so there has definitely been some money poured into the city but it also has a nice charm to it. We wanted to find the arts and crafts museum but found out very quickly that without a map it is hard. The winding streets are perhaps even more confusing then Venice but it's fun to try to find your way. After passing hundreds of stalls selling everything under the sun we found the museum which was worth the time. Inside they feature work of local artists and the entire building is so lovely with its mosaic tiles and comfy couches which allow you to chill while taking in the gorgeous surroundings. The museum isn't too big so we had some time to burn before the Bahia Palace opened for the afternoon. We took advantage of the sunshine and bought a couple of bags of 10 cent popcorn and went crazy with the camera. Once we arrived at the Palace we were again welcomed with lovely courtyards and architecture inside. There was also a movie being filmed so I snapped a couple of photos of the actors and extras waiting for the next scene to be shot. Who knows maybe we were in the presence of the Moroccan Julia Roberts and we didn't even know it. We then made our way back to Jemma el-Fna to do some shopping and snap some pictures of the lively square which features fresh orange juice stalls (a large glass is only 30 cents), snake charmers, monkeys (I fed one some of my banana and which I could set him free), henna tattoo artists, fortune tellers and food vendors. It's a feast for the eyes and stomach.

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