Meknes to Seville

1 train, 1 ferry and 1 bus

January 20, 2006

First of all, Happy 90th birthday Grandma Annie

We started the day today with hopes of making it to Cordoba, Spain but had our doubts. All our connections needed to be on time. Our journey began with a 7:45 am train from Meknes to Tangier. No problems here. The train was on time, but in Tangier the next ferry to Algeciras, Spain was delayed. In Algeciras we headed directly to the train station to find out the next train to Cordoba was not until the following day. The bus station was close to the train station so we walked there to see if we could find a bus to Cordoba. Again, no luck, so we changed our plans and booked the 9:00 pm bus to Seville. A stop at the supermercado to pick up so food for dinner and we planted ourselves at the bus station to eat and wait for our bus.

We arrived in Seville at 11:00 pm and found a place to stay within an hour.

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